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>> joseph crespino recounts the life and political career of the late strom thurmond the south carolina. the author recalls the many events that composed of the senators 47 year career to his 24-hour filibuster in opposition to the civil rights act of 1957 and his movement from the democrat to the republican party in 1964. this is about 45 minutes. >> i want to talk to you today about my book, "strom thurmond's america" and i want to begin by telling you a story, a strom thurmond story and when you go and you do research in south carolina and you go into the archives to see what you are interested in about, you tell them strom thurmond and they say let me tell you my story about strom thurmond. that time they did something for him or they time they saw him do something crazy. my story about strom thurmond begins in late july, 1992 and i am on a flight from washington d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. i had been an internet intern that summer off on capitol hill and one of my regrets of the summer was that i had never seen strom thurmond because all of my fellow mentor said you
>>> samsung strikes back. the south korean electronics maker adds the iphone 5 to its patent battle with apple. samsung electronics is upping the ante in the on going legal war with apple. the south korean and u.s. technology giants have been fighting each other in the courts over technology for smartphones and other mobile devices. the people at samsung say they added iphone 5, apple's iphone 5 to a patent infringement lawsuit. samsung alleges the latest smartphone violates eight of its patents. the claim targets technologies for displays data and storing photos. lawyers for samsung say they will exclude patents on the high speed wireless communications protocol known as lte. samsung has an edge in this technology. samsung received a green light from a u.s. district court in california in another case. the company can resume sales of its tablet device the galaxy 10.1 in the u.s. market. the court decided in june to temporarily ban sales. it lifted the injunction after a separate lawsuit in august found this particular tablet did not infringe on apple patents. >>> in other news ahma
. we are looking at st. helena to the south 29 around silverado trail one lone shower there. as we look farther to the south in the south bay, a few showers around the santa clara valley, heading towards morgan hill and gilroy. most of this is sliding away interest us the morning commute is going to be easier than it was yesterday. -- more showers in the forecast for today and tomorrow. >>> good morning. right now the big issue is standing water from overnight rain. not raining out there now, both directions of highway 4 at hillcrest standing water there slowing drivers. we had an early early accident westbound 80 at pomona due to slick roads that went into the center divide. south 280 sand hill road flooding in the right lane. be aware you come up on that standing water reason for solo spin-outs. >>> [ unintelligible ] fans the night celebrating the team's return to the world series. amy hollyfield is live at at&t park. what a night. what a series. >> reporter: are you referring to me when you talk about co-workers who are tired? i stayed up too late last night it was so exciting nothi
a story, my strom thurmond story. when you go and do research in south carolina and you go into archives and people ask you which are interested in writing about, and you tell them strom thurmond, they say let me tell you my story about strom thurmond. you can't burst out in south carolina without hitting somebody who's got a great story about strom thurmond come a time he did something for them or they saw him do something crazy or that kind of thing. my story about strom thurmond begins in late july, 1992 and i am on a flight from washington d.c. to charlotte, north carolina. and i have been an intranet summer up on capitol hill. at one of my regrets of december was that never seems strom thurmond because i'm a fellow intern said you've got to see strom thurmond. he is such an unusual appearance about him. i didn't know what they meant really, but i had my suspicions. so i'm on the flight and i look ahead in front of the naca man who's got these kind of orange colored hair practically, so brightly covered, first-generation kind of hair plugs. it shows you how slow i am. i think to myse
that's where we see ponding into the toll over the next five or 10 minutes. farther to the south, where the heaviest rain has been throughout the morning from san mateo to san carlos redwood city into palo alto, watch out around edgewood drive, university avenue, oak grove avenue, ray road, right off the dumbarton bridge into east palo alto heavier rain this is slowly taking over south bay 237 starting to get wet it going to keep heading into san jose over the next hour. sooner you can leave in san jose, the better. everybody else if you can wait a little the roads will be more passable as we head deeper into the commute. today low to mid 60s increasing sunshine. here's sue with all those accidents. >>> speaking of san jose, live shot of highway 87 northbound past hp pavillion you can see traffic flowing nicely northbound right now no problems there. mike just mentioned rain at the bay bridge, you can barely see the cars headed to the toll plaza, rain affecting our cameras at the bay bridge toll, high winds there as well. bart still experiencing 10 to 15 minute delays san francisco stat
south and the attempts at compromise to avoid war that failed upon the attack on fort sumter in april 1861. this is just under an hour. >> thank you very much. i'm very pleased to be here in atlanta, at the atlanta history center. i've been coming to atlanta for decades, and i still of very strong connections with the city. my wife went to college here. one of my brothers went to law school here, and he still lives in a city and practices law here. older son also went to law school. but he does not live in a city. my youngest son does, however, with his family. he lives here. moreover, my wife has an aunt and cousins who live in the city. so i still have very strong connections to land. now, tonight i'm going to discuss abraham lincoln stroll, 1860-1861. more specifically, i want to talk about why abraham lincoln rejected any meaningful compromise. following his election as president november 1860, the country the script but a crisis. because many southerners feared lincoln and his republican party. republican party was a northern party, and proudly so. but it did not have a
reason was additional monetary easing by central banks in europe, the u.s. and japan. south korean firms are pes mes tick. they're trying to curb investment influence and equipment. data show that capital investment fell 14.3%. it is unlikely to regain strength any time soon. >> our forecast is easy. 3.3 percent. it is a low down around two years to be on the right track. rb r. >> now let's take a look at other news in the country. south korea's automobile output showed a year-on-year decline for the fifth straight month in september. weak domestic demand and a slowdown of exports were to blame. the korea automobile manufacturers association said about 340,000 units rolled out of factories in september. that's down about 8.2% from a year earlier. domestic auto sales fell 6.8% despite a temporary cut in the consumption tax on automobiles designed to boost the economy. south koreans who use cell phones don't hold on to them for very long. more than 25 million mobile phones were sold in south korea in 2010 and 2011. that's in a country with a population of around $50 million. the figures ar
right now. as we zoom in, heavier rain pushing through the peninsula. south san francisco looks like it could get a little bit of this heavy rain. the yellow on your screen indicates rainfall rates from 1 quarter inch to 1/2 inch. santa cruz, more wraparound moisture. this could be heading up to the north into the south bay, the general direction of the showers. so we could see a little bit more rain into the south bay here shortly. and the chance of showers lingers into tomorrow. >>> police will not charge the officer who shot and killed an oakland high school student earlier this year. the alameda county district attorney's office found the shooting was justified and that the officer reasonably believed that allen blueford was going to shoot him or others. police noticed him and two other hanging out on a street corner, when they confronted the men, he ran. during the chase, the officers say he pulled a gun. the family claims the shooting was unjustified. >>> 11 people have now died from that rare fungal meningitis which is tied to the tainted steroid shots. the number of sick peop
.s. for the south professional armies? >> they did. it's very small and successful as a place where you see it happen its greatest success. but the problem is in 1861 it's a little over 16,000 officers and the officer corps will split so there is a professional army that is very small and has to be dispersed again and for that reason the early american armies in the civil war are actually quite poor really in their proficiency. they learn quickly but they learned the hard way, and that's one of the reason west point is catapulted to prominence because they are the only people with any kind of expertise and they immediately rely on very quickly and therefore they are given a disproportionate amount of influence but the irony again is that most of the -- de conquer during the mexico can pan with an army that's usually about 104,011,000. this is the third of the size of the army much smaller dvr me you see at places like gettysburg and scott is the only person that has much experience and by the time of the civil war he's too old to take the field. all of the future civil war generals are offi
water purification technologies and hardware were on display in south korea last month. some 5,000 people from 90 countries attended an exhibition. it was the first time to be held in south korea. >> translator: we can tackle shortages by increasing the water supply, advancing technologies the and invigorating businesses. >> reporter: one of the exhibiters was south korea as largest conglomerate. the key area that the south korean companies are focusing on is desalination technology. their goal is to deliver in which the components from water filter to pumping equipment is manufactured entirely in south korea. the south korean government has identified water purification as a key sector. it's planning to create 40,000 jobs in the sector over the next five years. >> translator: we're looking for tie ups with any countries interested in our experience and technologies. rather than going alone we intend to work with ministries of the environment, foreign affairs and trade. >> reporter: the president of a water treat facility maker in osaka. his company's award winning equipment fo
it continued across the bay overnight. we spotted at least six strikes at the abc7 south bay bureau. >> good morning mike. >>> a line of thunderstorms rolled up the peninsula, up skyline boulevard that's where it was a few hours ago now it is over moss beach, half moon bay towards pescadero. the good news is this is starting to pull away. for your morning commute looking drier than it did earlier. along skyline boulevard the last three hours. this going to continue to rotate northwest. a few more showers may hang around for the morning commute, but they will be mainly in that area along the coast. for the rest of us, we could have the possibility of a stray shower today, low 60s coast. partly sunny inland. >> good morning. live look at golden gate bridge, nobody is coming across now. roadwork northern end of the span down to one lane southbound, two lanes northbound. fog-free and clear there, very light at the bay bridge, no metering lights so far, no problems into san francisco, roadwork northbound 101 through cortamadera until 6:00 this morning. southbound 680 sycamore valley road until 6:
francisco. in the south of market street area that is where it happened. you can see some of the shell casings mark there as the police investigate. the one man is in critical condition to after the shooting having at 1:00 a.m.. the man was rushed to hospital and she was not found. at 6:01 a.m. we will give a quick look at the weather and traffic this morning. hi erica. >> hi this is a chilly one out there. we will make up for into the afternoon most of srmer>> hi erica. we are stag to see things slow down a bit the mennonites have not been activated at the bay bridge toll plaza. like traffic around the bay area. expect a slowing on highway 4 and interstate 580. not as bad as usual the south bay commute looks great. so does the peninsula. no delays on 101 to the north bay. chance. >> thank you george let's get back to the giants. a to-0 lead in the world series. they are off to detroit for game 3. madison baumgartner pitching superbly on the mound. the final score 2-0. it went to the seventh inning before the giants put points on the board. keeping the truck tigers at bay. rameau pop-u
around the monterey bay and south. right now live doppler 7 hd clear of clouds other than fog around santa rosa where visibility is half a mile so be careful there. for the bay upper 40s to mid 50s top out around mid to upper 60s and cool quickly at 7:00, mid 50s to low 60s. partly cloudy. >> if you are going to be inland today, 40s and 50s work to 70 by 4:00, fall back into the 50s and 60s by 7:00. high clouds and sun along the coast mainly in the low to mid 60s. >>> if you are headed to san francisco airport 380 eastbound from 280, very slow earlier accident there cleared. second fender-bender in the back-up slow but getting through. south 101 before whipple second accident blocking a lane. problem southbound 880 near the montague with stalled big rig skwaoeufpt >> governor brown is taking action to put the brakes on gas prices which saw a rapid increase and all-time highs 0 the weekend. sue thompson isly in emeryville. -- >> reporter: good morning gas prices now still remain high jut un$5 a gallon at the shell station. -- just under $5 a gallon at the shell station. governor brown
%. >>> but it is not all good news for japanese automakers. production lines at a toyota factory in south africa have come to a halt. striking workers at a local supplier causing a lack of key parts. the toyota motor assembly plant in the city of durbin stopped its production lines last week. workers at the company's car seat factory are demanding a wage hike. toyota supplies the seats. its officials are in talks with the local labor union but say they aren't sure when output can resume. this is not the first time it was forced to close. it was shuttered for several days earlier this month when its own workers staged a strike. labor issues in emerging economies continue to pose a challenge to japanese makers with overseas operations. >>> bank of japan officials are struggling with whether to ease credit further amid the global economic slowdown. the question will be high on their agenda at next tuesday's policy meeting. central bank officials are suspecting existing programs aren't enough to achieve their goal of 1% inflation by march 2015. the target is to tackle deflation and achieve stable growth. in a
. >>> couple of problem spots south bay outside of gilroy eastbound 152 at lovers lane overturned big rig leaking fuel only one lane getting by eastbound and westbound now. southbound 880 before alameda stall left lane nice alternates if you are headed into san francisco for the giants game. bart, extra longer trains, muni extra buses and caltrain, also ferries vallejo and golden gate. >>> 6:10. foreclosures are falling in san francisco and across the country. realty track reports foreclosures fell by 2/3 in the largest cities during the third quarter of the year. the numbers show most of the nation's housing markets are past the worst of the crisis. stockton still claims the nation's highest rate even there foreclosures are down 21%. >>> despite reason labor troubles american airlines says it needs to hire thousands of new pilots for a planned expansion of international flights to countries like ireland, purview rue, south korea and germany, dark peru, south korea and germany. american is currently in bankruptcy protection. the cap wants to grow on its own rather than merge with another
to slide south. tuesday, wednesday best chance of any shower activity, not a great chance, around the monterey bay and south. temperatures coolest on wednesday. >>> good morning. east shore freeway pass golden gate fields through berkeley, emeryville, light traffic moving nicely towards the macarthur maze. north 101 near capital expressway in san jose stall pardon stkphe but cleared to the right -- new report of accident eastbound 3 connector to north 101 in the south san francisco, san bruno area blocking a lane there. back to the lafayette area that is our waze app, pleasant hill road southbound closed between spring hill and deer hill due to downed wires from an accident last night. crews backing off and saying that will not be cleared until 9:00 this morning. if you are -- major thoroughfare southbound pleasant hill road you want to go geary to north main to get on 680 to get back to highway 24. you can download this free app, abc7news.com/waze. >>> 5:11. >>> two of china's high-tech giants coming under fire from congress. >>> the wait is just about over. one of the nation's m
and evening especially south bay and monterey bay. the coast today upper 50s to low 60s around the bay partly sunny mid 60s to 70. inland partly sunny, upper 60s to mid 70s. >>> 5:03. san francisco sheriff ross pheur pheuf will be back on-the-job this morning -- ross pheur pheuf will be back on the job in morning, seven out of 11 supervisors voted tuesday to upheld the finding of official misconduct and remove mirkarimi from office. his removal required nine votes when were two votes short. he and his wife said they look forward to getting their light back to norm a mayor lee said he was unhappy with the board of supervisors' decision. >> may see a lot of could workers not paying attention in the afternoon or leaving the office early thanks to the giants and a's staying alive yesterday. terry mcsweeney is live at the coliseum where the a's will try to even things up against the tigers tonight >> reporter: you could almost still hear the echoes reverberating from the fans. 36,000 fans out here this is what it sounded like. >> tying run at plate in the 9th only to set up a double play and a's w
flights. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. >>> and i'm kristen sze. >>> maybe farther south you are possibly just a little bit of a mist and drizzle, definitely around the bay especially into the north bay you are going to have wet weather ponding on the roads, slick streets everything out there were' talking about a lot of accidents sue is following. -- already a third to half inch of rain fell while we were sleeping during the overnight hours. right now the storms themselves are moving more from a southwest to northeast trajectory in the warm sector of the storm. as the cold front starts to pull in, back edge going to start pushing more precipitation shield through the heart of the bay into the south bay through the morning commute into the early morning hours. expect waves of heavier showers you see in the yellow, followed by mist and drizzle which is the lighter blue into the green over the next couple of hours through the bay into the south bay you will get it by the end of the morning commute. during the afternoon things change on the back side of that cold front, breezy,
? >> only in the morning on one side and evening on the other. >> in the evening time it's south and the morning north? >> that's correct. >> okay, that's my question, what i don't see in these proposed adjustments are modifications of the left-hand turn restrictions. i will pick one intersection for exampl we need that peak northbound and there are some turn restrictions in there. the one that pops in my mind and the goal is traffic call -- calming and pedestrian and bikes and we don't want people steady flow. the long way to ask the left-tun restrictions on the peak flow, northbound morning and southbound evening to eliminate this peak lane? >> the majority hayes and perk are permitted at a.m. and p.m. peak. >> okay, on the feldstreet will we have left turn restriction? >> no, the travel between oak and stell has three lanes. and it feeds into the next block that will merge into two to feed the rest of the project. even northbound vehicle at stell and feld is blocking and in the turn they have to go to two lanes. the two adjacent to that left-turning vehicle flows smoothly. yo
. golden gate bridge south out of marin where the heaviest rain is now in the north bay all that is going to slide south it is wet in a lot of areas. sue is covering a lot of accidents. you can see around san pablo, richmond across the richmond san rafael bridge,. there's more to the north as we look at last three hours this is going to be heavy north bay event through the morning while the rest of us will be dealing with showers and lighter rain until we get that cold front to sweep it south. just about any of us unless you are around san jose possibly south, may escape the rain i think there's chances you will get some too. 50s out there, it is going to be crazy, first rainfall of the year always is. around monterey bay low to mid 50s. going to be breezy all day, steady rain this morning, more scattered showers during the afternoon, unstable air mass tomorrow and wednesday which means more waves of showers through that. then wilt start to dry out thursday and -- then it will start to dry out thursday and become warmer. today 50s and 60s mid to upper 50s coast, san francisco possibly san
bridge rain from tennison, hayward back to san mateo burlingame, this is all sliding down to the south. if you live in the south bay, east bay valleys this is heading your way it is going to be wet in the next half hour to an hour. definitely going to be wet for the morning commute. let's find if there is any accidents. >> there are accidents. live shot of golden gate bridge water coming down, rain coming down, bart on time with the world series game they are adding extra trains. here is the problem "sig alert" highway 12 fairfield at red top road jacknifed big rig affecting both directions of highway 12, you want to use american canyon to get around. game time 5:07 expect a lot of traffic south of market around at&t park before and after the game. it is going to be tough this afternoon. >>> to expand on that game tonight the giants host the tigers in game one of the world series. baseball fans and local businesses are jazzed about the team's return to the series and money-making potential. amy hollyfield is live at at&t park with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. mayor ed lee has
the previous month while imports grew 6.9%. business sentiment among south korean manufacturers in october, fell to the lowest level in 3 1/2 years. the bank of korea said the index on business conditions, stood at 58, down 1 point from september. that is the lowest since ape rim 2009. a reading below 100 indicates more come pans are pessimistic. the index for exporters was down three points to 72. analysts attribute the decleine to a slowdown and stronger currency. the global slowdown, the world is eyeing africa. and the market with potential. china especially has rapidly expanded its investment in the continent, but south korea, had also begun to move in. in mid october, 300 officials from 50 african countries gathered. they attended the korea-africa forum to boost partnerships in development. african countries need partners for the realization of their enormous -- i expect cooperation between south korea and africa to expand and be strengthened through this forum. >> at a ministerial meeting the south korean government decided to extend $6 million in aid over the next two years. direct
to the mid 50s. live doppler 7 hd farther south you can see more trying to develop as chunk of energy rotates around the low best chances of any shower activity is going to remain over the coast. low is just close enough that one or two of these may stray over and one or two may develop any time once we get heating going stray shower in the forecast just about any time today. temperatures well below average by 5 to 12°. start in the 50s, stay in the 50s until 4:00 at the coast when you dip into the 60s mid to upper 60s noon, 4:00 for the bay upper 60s mid 70s around 4:00 inland. best chance of showers south bay and monterey bay tomorrow, passing chance of shower friday. >>> good morning. light conditions out there now, live shot of san rafael southbound 101 past lucas valley road marin ymca towards the civic center light. once you get to cortamadera one lane until 6:00 this morning, scary bright lights for the construction crews, hard to see this is san mateo bridge, a little bumper-to-bumper traffic towards the highrise westbound. no problems towards hayward out of foster city. north 101 oy
especially south during the 4:00 to 7:00 hour. inland stray shower possible mainly down to the south especially around the diablo range mount hamilton. coast stray shower quieter noon showers return by 4:00 through 7:00. >>> good morning. luckily, looks like the roads are dry this morning. as i stand in front of the bay bridge toll you can see metering lights just turned on westbound past t.i. motorcycle down, accident there slow approaching the tunnel and island. southbound golden gate bridge looking good, fog-free dry roads out of the waldo tunnel no delays here earlier roadwork picked up. north 101 past old oakland had an accident on the right shoulder little slowing past the scene, 45 miles an hour there. good news through gilroy north 101 highway 25, that accident is cleared from the roadway. >> 6:02. alameda county firefighters keeping watch at this hour over a four alarm fire at a strip mall in union city. that fire erupted after 1:00 this morning. quickly it went to four alarms. firefighters had to pull back before the roof collapsed. at least 10 businesses were damaged. peop
lanes open -- 395 lanes open. there's a strep of south glebe road closed though in south arlington west of route 1 and east of arlington ridge with the utility pole down. that will be ongoing throughout the morning. the next timesaver traffic coming up at 5:09. back to you mike and jessica. >>> thanks bev. some students at maryland are having some sleepless nights not because they're up studying or partying. not the normal reasons you might goes. >> instead they're dealing with a bedbug infestation in their dorm rooms. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live in college park with the story. oh it makes me itch even thinking about it kristin,. >> reporter: it's really a gross story and the management company that runs the dorms the capstone management group says that they're aware of the issues and that they're working to fix it. but for the students who live in these two units that are affected, they say that they are still waking up every morning with bedbug bites all over their bodies and it's starting to affect their school work. i mean just imagine if you had to study while living
their rivals. south koreans are quickly closing the technological gap with japan. the japanese steel makers are trying to regain leverage with major resource companies. they hope joining forces will make them more competitive and help clear a path into emerging markets. but the new company faces a bumpy start. before the merger, they projected joint net losses much bigger than expected, $3.6 billion for the first half of fiscal 2012. the stronger yen is to blame. slowing demand is also a concern due to the global economic downturn. that means japan's new steel giant has little margin for error or time to waste if it is to beat competition in the global market. chie tanaka, nhk world. >>> here are the latest market figures. 17-nation eurozone remained at >>> security in afghanistan continues to deteriorate with two deadly incidents in three days. on monday, a suicide bomber targeted afghan and international soldiers on patrol. many civilians were also killed in the attack. officials say the bomber drove a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint military patrol in the eastern province
south of market. given the recovery, we hope to repeat this starting next year with our project across the street at 201 folsom. this is another 650-670 units to be built on the south side of folsom between main and beale. we're also proud of the fact that through our commitment to the board of supervisors, that for both of these projects, we said yes, we will make a commitment not only to helping fund affordable housing, but to actually getting it built. and together with evans and union property capital we built unitss at 900 gilman down in the bayview and 165 units at 88 7 emstreet at the square and to build that kind of affordable housing in san francisco with market rate housing and live up to our obligation to the board is something that we're very proud of. we hope to replicate that again at 1400 mission together with tndc as an off-site project linked to 201 we also build offices in san francisco. here the city has done less well in bringing things through the permitting process. in part because of prop m and in part because of ceqa and in part because the higher fees have rai
ahead of visits to china and south korea. during the discussions gemba reiterated that the senkaku islands are an inherent part of japanese territory. he added this is based on historical fact and international law. gemba explained japan is trying to facilitate dialogue with china while asking its neighbor to act calmly. the diplomats also touched on the subject of north korea. they agreed to continue to work with south korea to address the north's nuclear program. they also decided to keep looking into the issue of japanese nationals who were abducted by north korean agents in the 1970s and '80s. >>> government officials from japan, china, and south korea have emphasized the importance of cooperation to overcome confrontations. representatives of the three nations met monday in seoul to mark the first anniversary of an organization to promote peace and prosperity in the area. the top issues on the delegates' agenda were the territorial disputes pitting japan against its neighbors. besides the senkakus, the takeshima are claim ee eed contd by south korea and claimed by japan. >> tr
force that protects the interest of the u.s. and allies. >>> south korean defense ministry lodge aid protest with the japanese government in a dispute. this one in the sea of japan. japan claims that the islands, south korea controls them. ministry officials say a japanese helicopter entered a restricted area around the island. south korea's kbs television reported the incident. defense ministry officials say the helicopter took off from a japanese self-defense ship about 50 kilometers east of the island. they say, it entered a buffer zone just outside south korean airspace. fighter pilots issued warnings then the helicopter left. air craft must receive permission to enter the area. japan's maritime self defense force officials denied there was a problem. they say the helicopter's crew was taking part in routine training over open sea. they admit the aircraft, entered the buffer zone but say it never flew into south korean airspace. taiwan's envoy to japan calling for a quick resumption of talks on fish rights around the island. returned to tokyo after three weeks away to protest jap
this morning, things look nice and clear. we'll fly over together. heading out of frederick, really south and northbound, travel lanes are open. you can see here, nothing but green. nothing slowing you down. not seeing any road work as you continue towards the gaithersburg area and even make the trip to rockville. no issues to report at the spur and connecting to the beltway. a live camera at the beltway. you're traveling issue free. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> decision 2012 now comes to virginia today as both candidates try to earn some votes in the critical swing state. president obama will visit with students at george mason university in fairfax this morning while mitt romney will be in coal country at a machinery company in abbingdon. the president trying to get his campaign back on track after what pundits called a poor debate performance. yesterday he took aim at the change romney is promising during a rally at the university of wisconsin. >> fame, top down economic policies that got us into this mess. that's not a jobs plan. it's not a plan for our economy. it's
allies and partners. there's fresh tension between japan and south korea. th south lnche aprotest with japan claiming that a helicopter belonging to the self-defense force entered the air defense identification zone in the sea of japan. the issue centers around the takeshima islands. they are claimed by japan but controlled by south korea. the south korean defense ministry says a helicopter took off located 54 kilometers east of the islands on september 21st. the ministry said the helicopter entered the zone for five minutes. it said the craft left after it was warned by air force fighter jets. the ministry noted prior approval is required before entering the zone. it set us defensive measure against unidentified aircraft. japanese government officials said the helicopter was flying above open sea during regular training and didn't ente south korea's identification zone. >>> taiwan's envoy from japan has returned to tokyo. the head of taiwan ease liaison office came back to japan. >> translator: there is no change in taiwan's claim of sovereignty over the islands. i want japan to
in the south, still getting gusty winds. 20 to 35 miles per hour all the way from miami to west palm beach and beach erosion and large waves and you're going to get brushed by this storm from south carolina to georgia to florida but still impacting you as you go throughout your day today. middle of the country looks fine forecast wise just cold air we're talking about and head to the east coast behind sandy as we go throughout the weekend. now, here's a look at the weather outside your window. >> well, today is a pretty a warm day on the eastern seaboard setting the stage. cold air plunging down through the middle of the nation st. louis with a high of 55 and areas on the east coast much warmer than that. maryland today up into the 70s. so, once again, two days to prepare for sandy if you live in the mid-atlantic or the northeast. >> a lot of people are concerned about this storm. preparation is key. >>> another reason aspirin is good for you and a story that truly goes beyond any family's worst nightmare. your headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, where is the economy headed with just d
circulation on the south jersey shore. perhaps getting close to landfall, and the potential of this hurricane to be pretty close to the crows. if not already moving on shore. maybe tending to drift a little north in the last hour or so. we just have to kind of wait and see if it gets further. at any rate, it is still raining heavily, an hour rainfall totals continued to climb, while there is no fault in the western part of the state. there is significant rain to go. a 90 mile per hour wind hurricane. it will be gusting at times and probably is slowly diminish during the day tomorrow. the winds are coming in across land, going into the center of this storm. tomorrow, as it gets into the mountains or pennsylvania, a wind shift is something we will have to factor in. all of that is still in play. right now, it is just wind and rain. taking a look at the current observations at the airport. the barometer. the lowest barometer has ever been in baltimore, 28.52 inches. that was set during the blizzard of 1993. march 13, 1993, at the airport, the barometer dropped. we are almost there. we are almost
the counsel general of south korea and new york ambassador. i would like to -- [applause] i would like to acknowledge the presence of the japanese deputy counsel general in new york. [applause] in addition, i would like note the presence of several hudson institute trustees or vice chair, and the trustee jack david, as a special interest in the book as he was the first person to tread and he is married to the author. [laughter] we were grateful for jack's service on the board and the voflght involvement in the important book. i want to thank today's panelists the senior partner who was president at george w. bush special envoy. and the projection of north korea ref refugee and joseph kim who is a remarkable individual who escaped from north korea at the age of 13. hudson institute was founded 51 years ago as a farred-looking international policy research organization designed to think creatively about how to achieve a better future in the face of unprecedented challenges of the early 1960s. the world has changed in significant ways since those days the fundamental day of looking at it
. it will show you the pictures from south bay in just one minute 0ñ@Ñ >> hale! stormy weather is the information from stormy hill other areas in the south bay also reported seeing hale in the area. hale was the size of one half inch to invention diameter falling around for o'clock p.m. yesterday afternoon. >> and good morning james some scattered showers. gilroy was the place that the most lane about three- interest it '50s and places like san francisco san jose. 56 in concord. 56 in santa --winning about 59 degrees their 63 in oakland. into the south bay, to the north bank 71 in santa rosa. as we take a look at your 7 day around the bay it is showing us that we are expected dry weather ahead. they want up in store for a set to start to work week. >> we don't have any from the freeway is actually pretty quiet. of course we do have overnight construction around the bay area as we do have some lines close, however because traffic is so light we are not running to any slowdowns. here is the bay bridge toll plaza traffic as well for all three of the approaches. yet the same tale bridge west lb and h
is live at the registrars office in san jose with more on why they are making a big push for south bay residents to come out and sign up. >> reporter: the registrars office here in san jose is going to open up in the next three hours. that is when they will begin their big push to get people to register. you can see this is where people it's a drop box for ballots for people to already drop their ballots off. they there be represented as workers -- there will be representatives here from the registrars office until midnight work song people can fill out their forms to register in time for the presidential election. typically here in santa clara county if you look at the past voter turnout people come out in strong numbers. in 2008 during the last presidential election. 86% of registered voters cast their ballots in the city. for those that are already -- we just on the register. so fen the registers office want to make sure you do not lose your chance to have newspapers are plots heard. again workers will be here at the office here on burger drive in san jose working l in midnight. tha
this is sliding into the south bay you are going to get rain now and also in the east bay valleys over the income hour. >>> now to near fairfield highway 12 -- at jamison canyon red top "sig alert" in effect with big rig jacknifed both directions of highway 12, chp trying to get that cleared, you want to use american canyon for now "sig alert" this is outside of fairfield. world series game one, 5:07 expect lots of traffic on king street anywhere around at&t park, 280 extension bart will have longer trains and golden gate ferry has their boat that leaves 23:15, you need a reservation for that -- 3:15, you need a reservation for that. >> all that because san francisco's waterfront takes center stage for a global audience tonight when the giants host the tigers for the world series. right now outside at&t park a lot of excitement there, tonight unlike other nights, monday night into particular you can see some rain is coming down now. dozens of workers spent hours making sure the park will be shining. crews tackle the job of drying out after monday. nothing wrong with your tv set, the ferry buildin
gotta taste this soup. >>> look at the south. obama phobia has gone through the roof in the reddest of the red portion of the country and i think i am wondering if it's artificially inflating romney's national number to make it look closer than it is. >> what was that guy talking about? it was me on the show yesterday. i was stunned by gallup's polling in the south showing mitt romney leading president obama by 22 points. but obama and mccain dead even in the same region last time around. focusing on the numbers it would seem to explain the gap between state polling and battleground state polling and national horse race polling but the number cruncher claims the south doesn't explain romney's strength in the national polls and claims it's because president obama is struggling in, wait for it, the liberal northeast. it's time for the nate spot with nate cohen. nate, i'll start by saying you're right. i'm wrong. let's ask you why. i asked another pollster this morning, patrick murray running the monmouth poll to explain this. he breaks the country to blue states, red states, competiti
are some of the high clouds south and east of us, otherwise it's clear overhead. the cool spots down in the lower 50s places like luray and even harrisonburg worst case. annapolis now down to 66 with 59 pax river and also in leesburg. sunshine all day long. temperatures about 10, maybe 12 degrees above seasonal averages in the low 80s. now with beverly farmer with the latest timesaver traffic. >>> howard, building volume on the interstates now big deals. it's the secondary roadways with issues. eastbound 66 any volume into vent civil is just that. but there's the stretch of bristow road closed in prince william countyjust north of 234 with an overturned vehicle. also fairfax county on rolling road closed that's an accident with the a ewe pill pole struck. northbound 395 your lanes are open to the 14th street bridge. a stretch of south glebe road in arlington east of 395 between arlington ridge and route 1 still going to be tied up. police are directing you around the crash there. travel on 270 southbound out of frederick the volume stretches urbanna to get past 109 and all lanes are
government. in the south major institution is the republicans' determination into a unit to win a national election without southern support republicans condemned the south as undemocratic. even un-american. with this party on the threshold for those who practice the gospel and newspaper columns the crisis for the south was at hand. from the hatred of evil republicans to fill the southern air. this is not the first time. there have been several disputes. 2.specifically, first, the constitutional convention to do with the admission of missouri as of slave state -- state midges much more than the state of louisiana from domestic guerrilla to the rocky mountains it was settled by the missouri compromise. then the nullification encounter mercy it was already settled by compromise than late 1840's the future of slavery the territory from mexico and mexican war settled by the compromise of 1850. precedent and tradition in place for another settlement the chief issue between the republicans and the south but not slavery of the 15 states. almost all americans americans, republicans included the co
chance of showers mainly to the south around monterey bay and south tuesday and wednesday. thursday start to see maybe a very tiny warming trend in the 70s across the board along our inland neighborhoods. 60s bay, 50s coast. >>> good morning. good ride so far, live shot of the golden gate bridge no roadwork this morning configured now three lanes south, two lanes north they will change that when the commute gets underway fully. highway 4 westbound at somersville debris in lanes. eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad avenue most of the day until 1:00 this afternoon, expecting roadwork there as well. our waze app, a map showing pleasant hill road heading to highway 24. last night we had a fatal accident and wires are down in the road pleasant hill before 24 until 6:00 before they think to have that cleaned up. you want to take taylor east to 680 to get back to highway 24 if you would like to download this free app, join other traffic spotters, abc7news.com/waze. >> 4:41. >> meningitis scare continues to grow, the california clinics linked to the crisis. >>> generous recycling program is a
. bomb squad will december detroit on the spot blow it up. that means 75 or 100 people medley south of the fairgrounds will be evacuated for their safety. should take about 2 hours. no major closures are expected. >>> well san jose fire department mean time is looking for arsonist tonight there have been at least 6 incidents in the area of downing avenue off south baskin avenue in the past 8 days. fire bug appears to be targeting dumpsters but the fire has also burned nearby bushes. so far there has been no serious property damage hover. >> stunning comments tonight from jerry sandusky on the eve of his sentencing for child sexual abuse. former assistant football coach released recor recording to penn state student radio station accusing his victims of lying. tape played on world news tonight when the story broke. >> young man who is dramatic veteran accuser and always sought attentiontarted erythi. heas jnedy a we ohestted fort the dia, iestigators, the system, penn ate, psychologists civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. >> 68-year-old sandusky faces anywhere from
of activity early on numerous thunderstorms rolling through especially through the peninsula and the south bay. things quiet now but not done with this yet. look at the circulation off the coast. you can see the core of the low is moving further south but that circulation may bring a little more of that moisture back up through the salinas valley into parts of the south bay in the afternoon. really that's the focus of these storms as we head toward the latter part of the day. still looking nice out over the bay right now. you have mostly clear skies there. but likely to see a couple of passing clouds. the temperatures just beginning to warm up. 69 degrees in concord. 65 degrees in san francisco. and 63 degrees in san jose. looks like this afternoon, a few more clouds floating across our skies likely going to see some build-up with the heating outside so yeah, there's still a chance we could see some thunderstorms mainly to the south into the santa cruz mountains and the san jose area as we head toward the afternoon. so things staying unsettled today, maybe into tomorrow morning, as well. but t
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